Jan 032014
Picking Great Milk for Coffee Drinks

The milk you pick should compliment your coffee, not take it hostage. Many don’t think twice about the milk that goes into the cappuccino or latte at home or in a café. We just pick a fat level that we think is right, and maybe take a moment to consider if we’d like organic or […]

Dec 142013
Latte Art:  How to Make a Festive Pointsettia

It’s fun to make festive latte art! This is one of the EASIEST designs that will bring big WOWs (believe it – we often teach this to our beginning barista students). Take a peek at the step by step and make your holidays sparkle! Try it yourself….Here’s how: Learn more great stuff about coffee on […]

Oct 062013
Lizzy's Snickerdoodle Coffee Cookies

What a perfect thing to do on a fall day – bake! These kicked up snickerdoodles were inspired by one of our customers, Katrina Harmon. The addition of coffee to the sugar and cinnamon coating is a perfect update to this cookie you probably loved as a kid. The recipe is quick and easy to […]

Jul 222013
Camping Coffee with the Aeropress

Ahh, the chirping birds, the clear blue skies, the mountain lake water…..and the FREEZING morning! Welcome to camping in the mountains! My family and I went camping this weekend and I will tell you this: The only thing that could caox me out of my cozy sleeping bag at 8 a.m. was the promise of […]

Oct 162011
The Matchmaker, 8 Tips for Finding Your Coffee Soul Mate

Lately I’ve been watching episodes of a newly discovered show for me called Millionaire Matchmaker. I’m not particularly proud of this, but I just can’t look away from the collection of over-tanned dudes with crazy white teeth attempting to make love connections with the wear-a-party-dress-everywhere-they-go girly girls. I keep coming back to watch it again, […]

Mar 272011
How to Brew Strong Drip Coffee – 5 Tips

Every day I talk to customers who need a little help picking one of our coffees to brew at home. To get an idea of what they might like, I ask them if there’s a coffee they’ve tried in the past that they really enjoyed. More than half the time, they reply that they don’t […]

Jan 062011
Brewing with the Hario Pour Over

Life has gotta be simple, and the coffee has gotta be yummy. If you follow that way of thinking, then the pour over method of brewing is for you. With an investment as little as about 25 bucks, you’ll be on your way to brewing a smooth and velvety morning cup that beats most electric […]

Oct 102010
How to Store Coffee - 3 Tips

Ok, so you’ve purchased some amazing freshly roasted coffee. How do you take care of it from here? What? Rules, you’re thinking? Yep…but if you know these 3 secrets, your coffee will be tasty for up to 2 weeks. Coffee’s Life is Very Short: Unfortunately, coffee will only stay fresh and flavorful for up to […]